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A Better way to do Flowers

We want choosing flowers to be simple and easy for everyone. We know you may be busy and have major life events happening and that is why we have created a stream lined system that allows you to choose beautiful flowers for that special someone without having to go through pages and pages of products. We know that it can be overwhelming to pick the perfect one, so we want you to be able to pick a colour palette and know that you or your recipient will receive the most beautiful flowers available on the market. 

We have hand crafted colour palettes with complimentary colours that everyone will be sure to love. 

 We also have a different spin on sizing, as a danish girl we decided on naming them in danish sizes to add a little zest

Mini (Lush) Midi (lavish) Maxi (luxurious)

its as Easy as 1-2-3

 pick a palette..  pick a size.. pick your delivery date.... check out.

Why April Flowers ?