Our Boho(emian) Bouquets

Our Boho(emian) Bouquets

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Introducing Our Boho Bouquets, expertly crafted with dry flowers and preserved grasses for a unique and long-lasting touch to any event. 

When you hold the Boho Bouquet in your hands, you’ll feel yourself
transported to a place where whimsy and beauty intertwine, where those
moments in life that fade all too fast are immortalized in petals and stems.
This enchanting arrangement is a testament to nature’s enduring beauty.
Wisps of dried wheat and sprays of fresh chrysanthemums fill the boho
bouquet with a sense of untamed grace and wild abandon. Its soft, ethereal
colours which range from a tender lilac to the sweetest of greens, make this
bouquet the perfect gesture for that special person who loves to notice the
beauty in the every-day.
Let yourself be carried off into this bohemian dream, one that will last as
long as you wish, since the preserved flowers in the boho bouquet can be
repurposed as decorations that will last years.

• 100% Biodegradable Packaging
• Assembled & Picked by Hand
• Vase Life: 10+ Days (except preserved florals which can last years)

Enjoy the benefits of a bohemian aesthetic with the convenience of preserved florals added to our freshest blooms to create a vibe that is definitely sure to impress.