Our Story

I remember like it was yesterday, the beautiful warm feeling of spring after a long cold winter with all the little buds sprouting up from the ground.  The sun beating down melting the frozen springs and creeks to nourish the growing plants and animals. I was always so excited for this time of year because I was a country girl that spent all day outside (literally from dusk to dawn) exploring. I would collect wild grass and dandelions, and what ever little wild flowers I could find. I would sneak into the pasture where all the momma horses had their young foals and I would sit on the stack of hay bails and just watch them all day long.  I loved creating flower necklaces and crowns for everyone including the farm dogs and cats. I would wipe the yellow dandelions across my face and pretend I was a wildling. I felt like lord of flies , only the girl version and by myself lol!
This is truly where it all began, even though it took me many years to realize it. Flowers  and creating beautiful things have always been a huge part of who I am. I am so grateful that I am now able to share this love and passion with all of you. 
I believe that beauty comes in all forms.
I hope you enjoy our flowers as much as we love creating them!
Spreading beauty through flowers is what we do best. 
Xo April 
April Flowers