Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery Zones

April Flowers is Located in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia Canada.


 Same Day Deliveries

We can only accommodate same-day deliveries if the order is placed by 12 pm PST.. and if there is the Flower availability.

Give us a call 778.389.2075 to place same day deliveries as these will not be accepted on our website!

Our Delivery Areas

We offer local delivery through out the area's of Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam, Port Moody, Anmore , Belcarra, Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows and Langley at the moment.

We are working to be able to expand our delivery areas very soon. Stay tuned!!  

Delivery Fee's

Port Coquitlam $15

Coquitlam $15

Port Moody $15

Pitt Meadows $18

Maple Ridge $18

Langley $ 18

Our Flowers

We source our flowers based on our local farmers seasons, so it's not possible to pick specific ones. This keeps our flowers extra fresh and healthy for our Bouquets and arrangements and we have a constant turn over with no waste. We arrange our florals based on our beautifully conceptualized colour plates. 

If there are flowers that you would like to be left out of our Bouquets. Please add a note on the check out page for our designers to update your design!

We have many amazing local growers the are hard at work day in and day out creating beautiful Flowers for us to be able to design with and provide to you, our amazing customers. 

To name a few:

Eurosa Farms is located on Vancouver Island.

Their Roses are literally the most beautiful blooms I have ever seen. They specialize in all different variety's and are constantly adding new varieties!

Quiks Farms is located in The fraser Valley.

Their Chrysanthemums sprays and disbuds are just the prettiest things around. They always have amazing products 

Hollandia Green houses is located in Pitt Meadows.

Their Gerber Daisy's will bring you back to your childhood with all the colours and tones. They have literally every colour you could imagine a daisy could be.. They brighten up any Lower mainland gloomy day!!

Smits Farms is located In the Fraser Valley..

Well you know those fabulous big blooms every April through June everyone wants to get their hands on....Peonies Peonies, well this is who does those beautiful fragment blooms!!

Urban Farm Girl & Co is located in Delta.

They specialize in the most beautiful and delicate seasonal blooms. They are the blooms that add that touch of delicacy to all our designs. Ranunculuses among other seasonal delicacies!  

At April Flowers we are very passionate about design and our environment! Designing by colour palettes enables us to create beautiful bouquets and arrangements without having to compost flowers because of unnecessary flower stock and transportation daily to have flowers delivered just to have on hand

 Most people have a favourite colour and we feel that we have something for everyone!

❤︎ Love Actually is our pale pastel palette that is soft, kind and delicate.

❤︎ Rose all Day is our more fun Pink palette that creates prettiness all around. Its super fun and sure to impress the pink lover in your life!

❤︎ The Duchess is our calm palette that is white, creams and pale greens. This palette is literally all beauty, peace and calmness!!

❤︎ The Colourist is our colourful playful palette, all the colours of the rainbow and provides feelings of exhilaration!

❤︎ Good Morning Sunshine is our palette that creates the feelings of a warm spring morning, with the sun shining through the windows as it gently wakes you up for the day ahead!

Last but not least...

❤︎ The Romantic palette is full of our rich burgundies and reds ... its a bold and strong statement of just how you feel for that special someone in your life.

Our Products

We have so many things you can do with this pretty flower box! Storage Storage Storage, this box fits anywhere and works great at keeping thing safe and tucked away! If you leave out on your delivery day we will pick out and reuse or recycle for you, or you can unfold and place into your blue bin.. Which ever you would like 🌸👱🏻‍♀️

It has taken us sometime to feel that we could do this the right way..To us there is only one way to do things and that is the right way! If we can't do it based on our core values of environmentally sustainability, well we don't do it...Simple as that.. 

 From the cellophane sleeves and wrap that every florist and farm uses in the world. Let's make this out of a biodegradable/compostable product. We see this as an environmental disaster!

 Flowers are a way of giving our love and thoughts to others.. Its a beautiful gesture... If we really sat back and looked at what is left from these gesture's it would not be so beautiful.. 

Our hope at April Flowers is that we can start a change in the way the flower Industry does business by educating our customers go demand better.We can do better, its 2022 for one thing and we are suppose to be evolving everyday!

Check out our sustainability page to find out more 

x April Flowers