Our Classes


Floral Design & Special Classes


Embark on a floral journey with April Flowers through our immersive Bouquet Building Classes—a fusion of creativity, nature, and the art of thoughtful design. Delve into the world of blooms in our themed seasonal classes, where each session unfolds the secrets of crafting arrangements inspired by the beauty of the current season. Our Date Night Classes offer a unique romantic experience, allowing couples to bond over the creation of their own bespoke bouquets, weaving memories as beautiful as the flowers they choose.


For those seeking a artistic adventure, our diversified classes extend beyond florals. Immerse yourself in the enchanting realm of Soap/Candles/Body Care Classes, where the art of crafting extends from blooms to self-care essentials. Led by skilled florists, these sessions are a celebration of craftsmanship and a perfect opportunity to indulge in the joy of creating something truly special.


At April Flowers, our classes are more than just lessons; they are an invitation to explore the magic of botanical artistry in its many forms. Join us and let your creativity blossom.